About Utzon

Utzon was founded in year 1990 by Pernille Utzon. The UTZON name has been associated with fur for decades, because of her great grandfather furrier A. Leidersdorf. The company has descended from one generation to the next staying true to the brand ethos of creating unique classics using cutting edge techniques and only the finest selections of fur.

UTZON is not a follower of short-lived fashion fads but an instigator of long-term trends. UTZON has a huge following of Danish and International celebrities and is favored by stylists from leading fashion magazines worldwide. The brand is known for its quality furs, the sleek and intelligent design.

In recent years, fur has shed its somewhat outdated association with heavy coats and oversize stoles worn by ladies who lunch. Owner Pernille Utzon and the rest of the UTZON team have played a significant part in this development. They were the first to create the now widely popular leather leggings, short-sleeved bolero jackets in shaved mink and now a totally new and fresh look on shearling coats mixing colors and different furs together.

The high standards in the collections are also reflected in UTZON’s working ethics. Most of the collection is designed and produced in Denmark by skilled furriers. This not only ensures that each piece is handmade under proper conditions, it also enables the production team to customize pieces to meet special requirements.